Chiropody & Podiatry Testimonials


After 18 months of pain and differing advice, Susan offered me long term solutions, care and information. Her calm and kindness allowed me to take the plunge and have my toenails operated on. Quick, skilled and very experienced the op was over before I knew it. Her aftercare has been wonderful and I am looking forward to pain free feet again.


After having suffered pain from an in growing toenail for quite a while, my wife advised me to visit a chiropodist. I wished I had done this sooner as the relief after part of the toenail was removed, was immense. I have had no problems from the toe since and if I had any more problems with my other toenails I would not hesitate to go back. Susan did a marvelous job and put me at ease as I was very nervous & sensitive about my feet. My only regret was that I did n’t visit her a lot earlier.


Just to confirm that my toes have been 100% better since the surgery to remove the side of my nails on my big toes and the toe adjacent on my right foot. The pain I have endured over the years on my regular visits to the chiropodist has all but gone. I suffer none of the discomfort I used to when nearing the time of my next visit. At times even bedding used to cause me discomfort. On occasions over the years the nails have become infected where they have dug in to the side of the toes. The procedure itself was totally painless and very quick and I was able to drive immediately. I only wish I had had this procedure 10 years ago!


I suffered from a really painful ingrowing toenail for years and after having the nail surgery I was totally pain free. I wish I had it done ages ago because the whole procedure was pain free and I was made to feel at ease by the professional & experienced attitude of Susan the chiropodist.


Having my nail surgery was better than I expected. I was scared of how much it might hurt, but it was remarkably pain-free, especially the healing . Susan’s professionalism & care made the whole experience positive.